The Project

Is this a load of hot air? Well, maybe. Join us as we explore narrative through the gradual deflation of nearly 2000 balloons. 
Alex Hahn and Dom McKenzie continued The District's yellow theme by playing with Yellow Journalism. Over the next six weeks they'll be revealing the results.
Yellow Journalism— nthe type of journalism that relies on sensationalism and lurid exaggeration to attract readers
You won't want to miss this one!

Alex Hahn is an English illustrator and independent, small-press, publisher, based in Cambridge. His work spans the fields of: design, editorial and sequence -with a keen focus on narrative and storytelling. Since graduating from the illustration BA at Cambridge School of Art, Alex continues to blog about the meaningful minutiae of his life in his diary comic series Post Conatus, publishing the first volume, of which, under his Unrequited Books imprint in July 2011, with the sequel well under way. Another new book entitled You Know Who Wears the Lion skin in This Relationship... based on a project from his final year at CSA is going to be released next month. Alex’s editorial work was recently selected for publication in the thirty-sixth edition of Images, the AOI (Association of Illustrators)’s annual of the best of new British illustration, due out in the autumn.
Alex has exhibited numerous times across the UK and his work has sold internationally.View at:,

Dom McKenzie recently graduated from Cambridge School of Art and has already garnered an impressive roster of clients, commissions and accolades, both in the UK and internationally. A final-year project earning Dom the title of YCN Student of the Year has lead to work in the advertising field -shortly due to feature in a major national campaign. Before graduating, Dom was already achieving success with his book Henry VIII, being highly commended in the 2010 Macmillan Prize for Children's Book Illustration. The future looks bright for Dom, having been exhibited in the UK, Spain and Portugal in 2011 alone. His portfolio can be viewed at

The District are a creative agency based in Cambridge, UK, who work internationally on brand, digital, print and advertising projects. They were founded in 2004 by two people who wanted to do things differenter.
The Frontroom presents a rolling programme of creative happenings from their small but perfectly formed space in the very heart of Cambridge. Our ‘fishbowl’ style gallery space means installations can be created and viewed through The Frontroom’s floor to ceiling sash windows (for free).